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Lotions And Oils

There are thousands of different types of body lotions, and massage oils to enhance all the physical pleasures enjoyed during sex. You can purchase edible body lotion in almost every flavor imaginable. Couples can lick each others bodies and at the same time enjoy their favorite flavor.

All body lotions and oils are moisturizers that soften the skin. Massaging creams, lotions and oils into the skin allows for smoother glide whether by hand or device. Body lotions and massage oils are usually applied with bare hands on to the skin.

Many body lotions and oils give a warming feeling after applied. This warm tingly feeling on various body parts works well with sex toys. The hundreds of fragrances also add to the sensual experience.

Many body lotions and oils contain ingredients such as plant extracts, vitamins and minerals. There are many choices so it is best to sample various products and see what works best for you.

Wicked Simply Water Based Flavored Lubricant 4oz - Brown Sugar