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Feather Ticklers

Wouldn’t you just love to come home, tear all your clothes of, fall into bed and have someone use an Ostrich feather tickler, all over your body! Just like during the erotic ancient times, when Cleopatra was the ruler of Egypt and the queen of the Niles!

These wonderfully relaxing and stimulating feather Ticklers are for certain an extra arousing sex toy that’s been used for thousands of years… and will keep on delighting people for generations to come! Surprise your lover with a romantic evening of Champagne, caviar and a sensual Ostrich Feather Tickler… you are guaranteed to end up with an evening of hot, passionate love making!

And don’t forget to bring your Feather Tickler along, on that long overdue vacation, you both so richly deserve! Nothing else will bring your lover into the mood for romance and sexual fun than this sensual, highly erotic… and so, so, so relaxing addition to what’s going to be your new, very hot sex life! …Well, let’s hope so anyway!!!

Shadow Tie and Tickle Kit