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Realistic Vaginas

A Realistic Vagina is a replica of a vagina and sometimes includes the anus for double penetration. Some of these Cyberskin Vaginas vibrate which can be controlled at various speeds. This Adult Man Toy will satisfy any man’s need for sexual intercourse when his partner is not available. They are manufactured from silky smooth material that feels like the real thing.. A very high quality Realistic Vagina will cost around one hundred dollars. Pick the one that’s right for you. Most are available in white or brown.

Some Realistic Vaginas are molded from the exact replica of a famous porn star. This is mostly done for promotional purposes. All the lines, creases, and bone structure are exact. Some include details like pubic hair, labia, and clitoris. Whether you purchase a Cyberskin Vagina, Rubber, or Silicone, you will get great pleasure from this male adult toy. It is important to use a water based lubricant for that wet smooth feel. There are many types to choose from.

The Vibrating Realistic Vaginas usually come with a bullet that you insert in a hole in the bottom of the unit. There is a wire with a control panel that will allow the user to adjust for a multitude of speeds and pulsations. Every male should try this one for an incredible experience.

Take good care of your Realistic Vagina. Clean her with a high quality toy cleaner and store her in a clean safe container. This way she will always be clean and ready when ever you want her.

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