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Vibrators which are sometimes referred to as Massagers and Personal Massagers are a woman’sbest friend when it comes to vaginal or clitoral orgasms. It is much easier for a woman to achieve either orgasm or both at the same time when using one of many different types of Vibrators. Do to the tremendous amount of press released in the last few years about Rabbit Vibrators, women have discovered how to enjoy the duel vibrations and penetration at the same time. The Vibrator comes in all forms, shapes, sizes, speeds and colors. Prices can range from under five dollars to over three hundred dollars.

The small Personal Massager can fit on a key chain and look very discreet. Some small Massagers look like toys or small animals such as a dolphin or beaver. There are also hands-free clitoral vibrators that strap on for intercourse with a partner.

Some women use their Vibrator before intercourse, during, or after. Many women, for the first time. experience multiple orgasms by starting with clitoral stimulation. By using a Vibrator designed especially for G-Spot stimulation this can be accomplished. The Rabbit Vibrators can accomplish this very well. Some Vibrators come with various attachments that you attach to the end of the shaft depending on what part of your body you want to stimulate.

Choose a Massager with multiple speeds that you can adjust to suit your own needs and requirements. You can experiment at different speeds and at different times to explore your own body and understand what you like best. Remember, for most people, it is always easier to achieve an orgasm with a vibrator.

Sparkle G Glitz G-Spot Vibrator Waterproof - Blue - 6.25in