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Massagers are used for rubbing or kneading body muscles. There are many different types of massagers which are available in all shapes and sizes. Besides the basic therapeutic massagers, there are massagers designed for sexual stimulation exclusively. Some are designed for both vaginal and anal stimulation. Others are curved designed specifically to reach a woman’s G-spot.

Everyone loves the feeling of a good massage inside or out. The Magic Massager is a ultra powerful wand massager with a soft head and has two speeds. The neck of the wand is bendable which allows for a very deep and relaxing massage. There is a pleasure massager that fits on to the Magic Massager wand. It is a jelly massager that feels great because of the intensity when massaging the erogenous zone.

There are over eighty different types of massages for muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints and skin. These can be performed using ones hands, feet, fingers, elbows and forearm. Instead, you can purchase a vibrator or massager for multi-speed rotation and automated movement.

A lot of people like to massage and be massaged in the shower or bath. If you think you might like this idea, be sure to purchase a waterproof massager. Almost all types of vibrators and massagers are waterproof. Check the label.

No matter what you massage with your massager, and who ever doe’s the massaging, it is a good idea to keep a massager and vibrator within reaching distance. You never know when you might be stiff or uptight. Be prepared.

Seduce Me Dolphin Clit Pleasure Silicone Finger Massager - Purple