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Bondage and Dominance sexual play usually involves various bondage restraints which include, leather restraints and various extreme restraints. Extreme restraints are for the most part, manufactured from leather, metal, or both. Extreme gear is used primarily by seasoned dedicated bondage players who started with the lighter gear and worked up.

One of the most popular bondage restraints on the market today is restraints that fit under your mattress. It is very portable, which makes this type of restraint travel friendly.

Most of the lighter bondage restraints can be soft and fuzzy. The love slave can be secured, tight and safe. This is always great for beginners. The cuffs can be adjustable for comfort and still remain very secure. The same is true for thigh and ankle restraints.

There is a new line of colored products manufactured in leather by Spartacus. This is a fashionable high style line designed with pink leather faux fur lining. These very fashionable restraints are easy to remove and put on. The center piece is a D-Ring that defines this fashion statement in bondage and dominance play.

When shopping for your bondage restraints, discuss it with your slave so every one is happy. The slave must always feel a sense of ultimate security in order to feel comfortable and ready to submit to your dominance. Once that trust is established, everything will fall into place. You can always read books and watch videos on bondage and dominance. This will be very helpful in planning your first event so everything will be perfect.

Restraints such as Wrist Restraints and Leg Restraints are absolutely necessary for real bondage play. Wrist Restraints come in many forms. Some are Waist to wrist or wrist to ankle. There are adjustable cuff that are fuzzy and fur lined which gives a comfortable secure feeling to the person you seek to dominate. Some of these restraints also are for the thighs.

You can turn your own bed into a bondage pleasure palace with under the mattress extreme restraints for both arms and legs. Some prefer to use latex sheets for this bondage act. The straps tie under the mattress with no hooks. Leather Restraints are also available for under the mattress.

Many people like to tie their partner up with sturdy neoprene and Velcro Wrist Restraints. Remember, you always want to keep it safe and comfortable so a Velcro release, along with soft material, makes the person in bondage more willing.

For Beginners, there is the Japanese Silk Love Ropes which are available in several colors. This is a very low key non invasive way to go when starting out. This product comes with a beginner’s bondage booklet.

For more advanced bondage play, there is non tarnishing metal products that come with lock and keys to restrain your partner for real. There is a Platinum series that has durable leather straps that are fully adjustable with D rings that secure to locks. When it comes to restraints, there is something for everybody who really wants to experience this type of sex play.

Kinky Pride Rainbow Bondage Set - Wrist/Ankle Cuffs and Collar with Leash