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Ribbed Vibrators

A Ribbed Vibrator has raised lines or sometimes referred to as waves that run up and down the shaft of the vibrator. These rippling waves will intensely massage the vagina in a forward and reverse motion from top to bottom. This creates a suction effect in the vagina and it is wonderful. Ribbed vibrators feel exceptionally orgasmic in water.

The Waterproof Krystal Fantasy Ribbed Pleaser Vibe PD1372-14 is a great example of a Ribbed Vibrator. It is 7 inches long an 1.25 inches wide. Ribbed vibrators, rather than smooth vibrators, add an additional degree of stimulation because of the raised ridges. The ribs can either be wavy, swirl, or in parallel circles. You can purchase them in jelly, silicone, latex or rubber and they all do the trick.

The Ribbed Lover Function Flexi Massager SE0791-30 is a ten function jelly ribbed vibrator that flexes for the perfect angle of penetration, once you learn how to use your ribbed vibrator.

ME YOU US Bunny Glow Rabbit Vibrator - Glow In The Dark/Purple