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Almost every sex toy works better with some type of Sex Lube. There are many types of lubes and oils on the market that smell and taste every flavor imaginable. Many of the Sex Lube and Oils are manufactured for a specific purpose.

There are anal lubes, warming lubes, and creams and lotions for achieving an erection and keeping it. There are tasty sex lubes and special lubes made for toys manufactured from latex. There are lubes that reduce friction in the vagina and there are nipple stimulation lubes. Many Sex Lubes are water based which are usually considered best for sensitive skin. Water based lubes don’t stain. Most silicone lubes contain oils and can stain but this type of lube works well with condoms. The water based lubes don’t work well for water sex play. If you want to masturbate or have sex in the bathtub, use a silicone based lube. You can be sure this type of Sex Lube will last a long time in the water.

Many lubes are made especially for oral sex with hundreds of flavors to choose from. They are manufactured to be edible. Try a different flavor each time you have oral sex and this will create additional excitement for you and your partner. You should never have any type of anal sex with out some kind of lube or oil. The anus does not secrete its own lubrication so you must lubricate it yourself.

Warming lubes have special ingredients included in their formula for that warming feeling which will intensify all types of erotic happenings to the body. Warming lubes work very well on a woman’s clitoris no matter what other type of stimulation is added. Many of the erection creams prolong ejaculation and keep the penis harder for a much longer time.

Make sure when shopping for Sex Lubes and oils and creams, you purchase what you think you and your partner will most enjoy. Take your time on deciding flavors, types of creams and oils and fragrance.

Wicked Simply Water Based Flavored Lubricant 4oz - Brown Sugar