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Warming Lubricants

Warming Lubes are a wonderful way of adding some extra warm and lubricated sensation to your sexual encounters, upon contact. These unique and personal lubricants are created for you and your lover to both experience and enjoy and are compatible with Latex Condoms as well as water soluble, for your convenience.

You can try out the Warming Lube by putting a few drops in your palm or on your wrist and use your fingers to massage it in. Then gently blow onto the area to feel the instant soothing, exciting, warming sensation. Now, imagine that alluring but yet gentle warming onto your sensitive nipples, your vagina or anal area. Once you try the Warming lube, you will not want to have intercourse without it again.

You can either use it as a Warming Vaginal Lubricant or a Warming Anal Lubricant, whatever you and your lover are in the mood for, at your next romantic encounter.

Jelique Nipple Nibblers Sour Tingle Balm Rockin Raspberry 3 Gm. 1 Pc.