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Slappers and slapper paddles are used as a fun addition to all your bedroom bondage play! Slappers usually come in either a rectangular, to almost square plus flat spoon shapes…and even pocket sized ones too!

Now, the slapper paddles are a little different and come in the shape of the “bum” which means nearly circular or nearly oval with an extending handle! Just the sight of leather slappers will usually bring the bondage participator into complete submission… and eagerly be waiting for some well deserving spankings when he or she has been very, very naughty!

The bondage slappers are suppose to bring pleasurable pain and even leave some red, very arousing little marks on the intended target which usually is the butt! A slapper paddle or whatever other fun bondage props you entertain your partner and other bondage loving friends with… are guaranteed to always bring very arousing, highly stimulating plus a little extra pleasurable “butt” pain!

Master Series Wooden Paddle