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Teaser Vibrators

Teaser Vibrators are primarily for the purpose of clitoral stimulation. There are hands free strap-on clitoral stimulators, sometimes referred to as teaser vibrators. Then there are small pocket sized teaser vibrators in many shapes and sizes. Electric Vibrators are another type of teaser vibrator that was first used in the 1900’s.

There are nipple teaser vibrators SE0596-14. This little vibrator has a massaging suction cup that fits over the nipple. It will tease your nipples with its multi-speed motor. Jessica’s Bunny Teaser SE 8460-14 has two separate controlled bullets that will tease two spots at the same time.

Teaser vibrators are designed just for what their name says, teaser. They are used for getting ready for the next step, vaginal penetration, anal penetration or whatever provides you with the ultimate orgasm. A teaser vibrator usually is every ladies favorite sex toy especially if it is waterproof. There are a variety of dolphin teasers made for the bath, spa, pool and shower that will drive any girl crazy.

Seduce Me Dolphin Clit Pleasure Silicone Finger Massager - Purple