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Edible Underwear

Couples from all over have been eating up their partner’s edible panties and edible bras. This is a sure way to make your lovemaking very tangy and tasty. . Edible underwear is available in all types of under garments for men and women. This is one way of satisfying your sweet tooth along with enjoying some great oral sex. Just eat your partner’s shorts. Most sizes fit all and there are over three hundred flavors available with dozens of different styles of underwear for male and females to choose from.

The great thing about edible underwear is, the more you lick, the better it is going to taste. When the body gets warm and excited, your body moisture makes the edible underwear even more tasty and pliable. Edible Underwear makes for a great midnight snack or an early breakfast.

There are edible candy crotch less panties and edible male thongs. If you like tasting boobs, there is always the edible candy bra for some good sucking and licking. Going edible is a true combination of naughty and retro chic from the eighties. Maybe you remember the candy bracelets and necklaces. Edible underwear is derived from that era.

The candy pouch or edible g-string can look great and taste great on either a man or a woman. Be the first in your group of friends to tell about this licking good lovemaking experience, that’s if you like to brag. It is good healthy nourishment for you and your partner.

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