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A penis stroker or cock stroker is the term used for a male masturbating sleeve. They are available in all sizes and materials. A pocket pussy is a small portable cock stroker that feels like a pussy and is great for travel or spur of the moment instant pleasure. The Pussy Palm Pal is designed to fit in your hand and made out of realistic ur2 material.

There are also mouth and ass strokers available. Every horny male need one of these because if they see a hot chick during the day, and blood starts rushing, they can go to the nearest head, and relieve themselves. Best ten bucks any guy can spend according to many of our customers.

For some of us that want to be very discreet, there are strokers that are disguised in deodorant cans, flashlights and other everyday travel objects. There are also cock strokers that can vibrate at various speeds.

The Kim Assurbator - Flesh