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Tongue Vibes

Tongue Vibes are small little vibrators that attach to the tongue and can vibrate at variable speeds. They work on watch batteries and are very powerful. Most of them hook on to various size rings that will fit on your tongue or finger. Giving and receiving head has never been so much fun before these vibrating tongue rings.

The possibilities are endless with these little vibrators. Not only are they powerful but you can put them on many different body parts, including a toe or finger. Just use your imagination.

There is also your basic vibrator that is shaped into, and looks like, a tongue. The Tongue ll LC001 is one of a kind jelly stimulator with little bumps similar to taste buds. It rotates and licks at the same time at five speeds. This favorite oral vibrator will never get tired and will vibrate in that circular motion that works so well.

Wet Dreams Deep Diver Tongue Vibe - Blue