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Dildos And Dongs

Dildos are the original adult toy dating back to Roman and Greek times. There is evidence that various sexual rituals were performed with Dildos. It was a privilege for a young woman to start her first sexual activity with a variety of different types of Dildos. The Dildo was a symbol of fertility.

The Dildo is a multifunctional device and not always used for masturbation. Some women like the feeling of a unmovable device that fills the vagina. Also when men suffer from premature ejaculation, a Dildo can help fill this void and allow the woman to also reach an orgasm. A hollow Dildo works well to help a man maintain an erection. It will also help a man stimulate his prostate when penetrated in his anus.

Lesbian Dildos are available in a variety of colors, sizes and materials. There many different types of strap-on for hands-free penetration. Also double dildos are very popular for two women wanting to climax together. A woman can use a double dildo for double penetration by herself. A dildo is a great way to explore one’s own vagina starting very slowly and then working up in size and technique. You may also demonstrate to your partner what works best for you which will ultimately enhance your mutual sexual experience.

Dildos can look and feel like a real penis. You can purchase a kit and replicate your own penis into a dildo with a clone-a-willy kit. Some dildos come with veins and testicles and can be manufactured out of silicone, latex, and rubber.

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