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Anal Lubricants

Because the anus does not secrete its own lubricating fluids, an anal cream or lube is absolutely necessary for smooth exploration and penetration. It is amazing how much further a butt plug will go in with some anal eze desensethising anal cream. You will find out the proper waiting time and amount to use, once you have used it a couple of times. It is an individual thing with individual personal taste.

You may want to apply some China Anal Balm to your anus which is oil free and very washable. This anal cream is formulated with ten percent benzocaine cream. It will lightly numb your anus and make it much easier to penetrate with much larger objects.

If your wife has been hesitant to anal sex, put some anal cream in her back door and she will love your hard throbbing huge penis inside her. You can than thank the anal cream for this one and your wife or girlfriend will thank you. Word will spread among their girlfriends and their all going to want it in the back door. Also, women like to put their dildo harness on and stick it to their male partners. Try this one, and don’t forget the anal cream.

Gay men have been using anal creams and inventing new ones for centuries. Again, this is the best way to penetrate especially large objects into the anus. Many heterosexual men love to put their penis into their woman ass. It is a common fantasy among men around the world. It is impossible to enjoy the deepest possibilities unless you use your anal cream or lube.

Any kind of Sex Lube, cream, or oil will always make sex more enjoyable. There are hundreds of flavors and fragrances available in the market today. There are water based lubes and latex friendly lubes. Latex friendly lubes work the best with sex toys and condoms, but not always. It is always important to read the label on all lubes before use. This way you will always know what is best for what you are doing. Water based lubes are sometimes less irritating to the skin. Silicone lubes work the best for water play.

Anal Lube usually is an odorless lube because you do not want to irritate the sensitive tissues. This is not a vagina and it doesn’t work exactly the same. There are no natural lubricants in the anus which makes any kind of anal lube or cream a must for anal sexual activity. Try several different lubes and discover what is best for you and your partner.

For many centuries there has been a concoction called Chin-Dai. Discovered in Asia, this potion is believed to release all inhibitions. This will turn any sex act into an orgasmic experience that will reach new heights. Chin-Dai is now available in an oil based odorless Anal Lube.

Anal Eaze is a great Anal lube for beginners. This product is designed to make the first penetration glide with minimum discomfort. Some folks prefer a non-greasy and non sticky type of Anal lube. K-Y Jelly is also fragrance and alcohol free and is preferred by many people for this quality brand name.

Passion Lubricant 3 Piece Sampler Set (2oz Each