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Quickie Cuffs
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The basic definition of handcuffs is a device that secures an individual’s wrists close together. Typically, there are two haves that are linked to together, usually with a chain. They close by separate ratchets that can fit tightly around a person’s wrist. Most handcuffs lock with a key.

Bondage Handcuffs are one of the primary items used in consensual sexual bondage. They are designed out many different materials including leather, metal, chains and ropes. Some are soft fuzzy handcuffs and others are furry handcuffs. These types of cuffs are designed for a little more comfort and are less intimidating for beginners. The basic bondage handcuff is designed primarily for restraint and to prevent escape.

It is important that you and your partner have an understanding of when to release the person being restrained. This should be planned prior to engaging in your sexual bondage.

Some Bondage Handcuffs have a D-ring or buckle attachment that can be attached to nylon webbing restraints. This will enable additional possibilities in restraining.

Ankle cuff or thigh cuffs can be used with the handcuffs to create a hogtie or frogtie situation. This type of restraining can create very vulnerable sexual positions that can be very stimulating to all parties. This is a prime example of the restrained party in a sexual bondage act.

It is always important to remember that when performing any of these sexual bondage acts, make sure to that it does not cause any damage to blood vessels, nerves, or body extremities.

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