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Anal Toys

Anal Toys can totally change the way you think and perform your own sexual fantasies with and without a partner. Anal Sex has been considered in many cultures taboo and against the grain. With the introduction of a variety of Anal Toys including Butt Plugs, Anal Beads, and Dildos more experimentation is available. Many of the Anal Toys can vibrate for additional stimulation at various controlled speeds. Because both males and females each retain rich nerve endings both will have intense stimulation which will lead to orgasm.

It is important to start with small Anal Toys and gradually build up to larger sizes for the penetration. When using vibrating toys, use your toys not only for internal stimulation but also outside and around the anal areas. It is a always a good idea to try all the various toys to see what you like the most. People have different tastes and desires. A Butt Plug left in for a while might be great for one person, inserting and then pulling out beads might be more gratifying for someone else.

Always clean your adult toys with a good toy cleaner and store them in an area that is clean and safe. If these toys break or are dropped, and you don’t check for imperfections before using, you can cause yourself serious injury.

It is always best to discuss anal sex play with your partner prior to implementation. It is not for everybody and you don’t want to force anyone to do it. Fear can cause the anal muscles to tighten up and make it very difficult to enjoy.

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