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Ass Masturbators

An Ass Masturbator is masturbating toy for males. It feels better than the real thing. It is both soft and tight at the same time. It can either be hand held or full size and weigh up to six pounds. There are vibrating ass masturbators with a control to adjust the various movements.

Some Ass Masturbator are replicas of a porn star’s famous ass. A great example of a replica of a celebrity ass is Kobe Tai’s combination pussy and ass masturbator. This hot pussy and ass is molded with ultra realistic material. What makes this replica different from all the rest is the internal structure of her vagina is also duplicated. Most full size ass masturbators are combined with the pussy for dual penetration.

There are many hand held ass strokers that are similar to mouth masturbators or pocket pussies. For a quick fix, these are great with a little lube or powder.

Kendra Lust Life Size Vagina Stroker with Ass Kit - Flesh/Vanilla