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Vibrators With Sleeves / Attachments

Here’s something you’ll have many hours of very arousing, very entertaining sex fun with. Now, you can become anything and anybody your partner dream of! From the very well hung gladiator with a gladiator head sleeve to Mr. Softee with a softee sleeve!

Or how about the vibrating Cock Master with a Veined Vibrator sleeve. Whichever vibrator sleeves you choose to indulge your lover with, they are all exciting addition to your already erect penis! Vibrator sleeves also come in an array of great materials such as pure gel (jelly), plastic, latex and super stretch rubber…plus in any color of the rainbow!

A helpful hint is, if you have any trouble with putting sleeves on. Roll up the sleeve until it’s all the way up around the 1.5” extension. Then place it against the head of the penis or the tip of the vibrator and roll it down snugly! You don’t have to worry about the vibrator sleeves slipping of either…try to slide it off your finger and you’ll notice the sleeve won’t come off until you roll it back off the end!

Wet and Wild Pleasure Vibrating Sleeve Collection