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DIY Sex Toys

If you are into handcrafts, you probably gotten a little bored with making the same stuff over and over again. But “don’t fret my pet”, here is your answer to creating something totally “cool”! Use yourself as a mold and “Clone Your Willy or Clone Your Pussy” as great fun and sexy entertainment.

Your partner will absolutely love and cherish their new sex toy and best of all, no longer has to miss you when you leave town. Your partner can still have and enjoy you as much as he or she ever wanted! These great kits for “Make Your Own Dildo” are guaranteed to make an exact replica of your perfect penis. The dildo will be just as realistic, with the perfect textured details exact length and width, as the real thing.

Clone a Pussy will allow any woman to immortalize her vaginal lips as an incredibly sexy gift for her significant other. Most molds can also be reused to make copies in candles, scented soaps, or how about in “succulent” chocolate. There are other fun Make your Own Sex toys such as Lady Finger Massage and Jelly Beads, just to mention a few.

Clone-A-Willy Silicone Dildo Molding Kit with Vibrator - Jet - Black