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Blindfolds are very much a part of typical bondage gear. Most bondage beginner’s kits include blindfolds along with handcuffs, gags and feather teasers. Many people, who do not have bondage gear, use impromptu items that are around the house like a towel or an article of clothing for blindfolds. Using manufactured bondage gear is always more affective. This will also add to the visual affect of bondage play.

Blindfolds are manufactured from a variety of materials, some very soft, and others hard from leather. Some leather blindfolds come with a buckle and lock. Some blindfolds are manufactured with Velcro fasteners and are adjustable. Usually the blindfolds are worn by the submissive participant during bondage play This is suppose to allow the person wearing the blindfolds to focus only on the other senses including sound, smell and physical contact.

This creates the excitement of anticipation by eliminating the visual. Now the submissive person does not know what to expect. At the same time the dominant person in control, is given additional control and can now focus all the attention to wherever they desire on the submissive person. This moves the experience to the cerebral and eliminates any primary distractions. Ultimately this allows for a more perceptive experience.

There is a great need for trust from the submissive person during the entire bondage play while the blindfolds are on. All this is a very emotional experience. Whatever type of bondage play you do, always discuss the planned act with your partner first.

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