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Sex Position Straps

Sex Position Straps can be stretchable straps for use during various sex positions. They can also be stretchable straps with padding. Sometimes these straps are referred to as sex slings and they will allow you to experiment with sexual positions that you might never have been able to accomplish with out the aid of one of these devices.

The sex sling will enable your partner to stay in a more relaxed position while enjoying deeper penetration For example, there is a strap that works great for doggie position that has two handles and allows for deeper penetration and comfort. One of the many advantages of using sex position straps or a sex sling is for deeper penetration and being able to get into positions that were impossible before.

By trying different sex positions with your partner, you will add a lot of new pleasures to the experience in many different ways. This will heighten orgasmic pleasure for both of you. Sex Position Straps are not quite the same as bondage straps or what is sometimes called strap-on bondage. You can read more about that in our bondage section.

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