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Hoods and Masks

Bondage hoods and leather masks are a definite must in various parts of the alluring, arousing world of Bondage. Facing a hooded or masked master or mistress, dressed in all black leather or latex, can be both frightening and arousing at the same time…but most of all, very, very dominating!

You might find wearing a Bondage mask or hood for the satisfying reasons such as either sensory deprivation, maybe for discipline or just for plain fetish purposes. A hood or bondage mask might also serve as a purpose for disguising one self, for example at play parties.

Or how about a tight-fitting open faced bondage hood which can be worn by dominatrices to depersonalize and erotically objectify the wearer! These leather masks and hoods come in lots of different styles, shapes and forms! From leather hoods with blindfolds and gags to bondage hoods with zippers for the eyes and mouth plus studded, spiked or plain ones as well!

Once you start looking into the world of erotic and domineering BDSM fun, you’ll find all the help and information needed, to get you into the special part of bondage you’re looking for!

Fetish Fantasy Series Limited Edition Lover's Fantasy Kit