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Chasity Belts

The primary purpose for a Chastity Belt is to keep a person sexually aroused for a long period and preventing them from having an orgasm. This is how the dominant participant is in charge of orgasm control. Usually the dominant person will eventually allow the submissive person to have an orgasm which will then be extremely strong. Sometimes the dominant person will not allow for any orgasm, thanks to the chastity belt, which will lead to the ultimate frustration. This is very important to the dominant person for his role.

This orgasm control by the dominant partner gives extreme control over the submissive partner’s life which is a powerful thing. Without genital stimulation to a man or woman wearing a chastity device orgasm is prolonged. That right, there are chastity belts for men also, but they are not considered belts, they are a cage-type chastity device that will encage his genitals. There is a Florentine style chastity device that has a band that goes around his hips with a tube and shield which has holes for urine to escape.

It takes time for a man or a woman to get use to wearing any type of chastity belt. Try it on for a couple of days, for an hour or two, in order to get use to it. Then when you are ready to get into your bondage play with your partner, you will be more comfortable. During your bondage play, your partner should check for any type of pressure sores of chafing. Use common sense so it will be a pleasant experience.

Rouge Stainless Steel Chastity Cock Cage with Padlock