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Jelly Vibrators

The greatest advantage of a Jelly Vibrator is the feel. Jelly Vibrators are fun to touch because they are very soft and smooth. They are usually less expensive then those made from other materials like silicone.. Jelly Vibrators are available in a variety of colors, many of which look like jell-o. It is a good idea to use a condom with your jelly vibrator because they can not be disinfected like most other materials. This is probably the biggest disadvantage you will encounter with a Jelly Vibrator.

Basically your jelly vibrator is more rugged than realistic vibrators manufactured from other materials like silicone. Most jelly vibrators are waterproof which makes them great for water play.

The Eager Beaver is a great example of a multi-speed jelly vibrator. This jelly vibrator rotates and squirms at the same time. It also works as a great jelly anal vibrator and will always reach the right spot.. There is a second switch that allows the beaver’s jelly tongue to dance around on the tip.

There is also the Jelly Krystal vibrator which is transparent because it is manufactured from silicone rubber. These jelly crystal vibrators are extra stimulating because of their transparent look and feel.

Bottom line, if you don’t want to spend a lot of money but still want that good feeling of a soft and smooth vibrator, purchase some type of a jelly vibrator. It will turn out to be your best friend. Don’t forget to use a condom when sharing your jelly vibrator with a friend.

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