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Spanking Paddles

Bondage wouldn’t be bondage without a spanking paddle. There are leather spanking paddles that will always give a nice hard spanking. Spanking or flogging is one of the strongest temptations and symbolizes discipline. It doesn’t need to be extremely painful, and properly done, can feel more like a massaging sensation then a painful sensation.

The intensity of the paddling or whipping depends on the desires of the individual that is being whipped. It is always important to take precautions. Most people prefer to use the spanking paddle on their submissive partner’s ass. If you see bruisers or cuts you should stop. This type of bondage play should never go further than the submissive partner desires.

For some thing different, you may want to try the impressions paddles. These spanking paddles will really get your point across. This spanking paddle spells words like bitch and bad girl and bad boy. This will show up on the butt after a spanking. This spanking paddle comes with a wrist cord for maneuverability. You can also hang it up as a bondage decoration.

Many spanking paddles are designed from the highest quality leather with fine stitching and could be considered a work of art. This type of high quality bondage gear is a must to many in the experienced bondage community. If you are a beginner, start soft and easy in order to make sure you can embrace the concept. There is no reason to invest a lot of money until you are sure B&D is for you.

Master Series Wooden Paddle