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Sex Swings

Sex Swings will allow you and your partner to experience literally hundreds of various sex positions that you have never been able to enjoy before. The Pleasure Swing JD969-10 is very easy to assemble and will support up to 450 pounds. The Love Swing is just one of many available for you and your partner.

Then there is the Spinning Sex Swing T1452 that can rotate 360 degrees with fur lined stirrups for added comfort.

Young and old, all people like to make love. We are all different sizes and weights. A love swing can adjust for these weights and allow the participants not be discomforted by supporting weight on knees, backs, and arms. With a sex swing, it doesn’t matter how strong or how old you are.

Now you can place all your passion and energy into the shared ultimate experience of love making. No more rug burns on the knees. Save your back for gardening.

WhipSmart Pleasure Swing - Black