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Edible Body Paint

Why not combine adult play with a touch of romance! With Edible Body Paint you can either write romantic, sexy or sensual words that you want to tell your partner. Or, how about showing off your artistic side by drawing your favorite flowers, animals or even some romantic messages you have longed to tell your special someone.

The Edible Body paints are incredibly, deliciously tasty and come in almost every flavor you have ever dreamt of licking off your partner’s favorite sexual and arousing spots. Edible Body Paints can be painted on by just using your fingers, but also come in sets containing multiple flavors and colors plus pens, brushes and stencils in various shapes and forms.

Edible Body Paints are guaranteed to bring you hours of laughs and giggles, but also bring out those sexual yearnings of being gently touched by your partner fingers and soft wet tongue, as your body is carefully being explored and “licked” like a succulent forever lasting lollipop.

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