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Anal Beads

Anal Beads have enjoyed increased popularity in the last few years because people have discovered how good they feel when they stimulate the sensitive nerves that are in the cavity of their anus. When used correctly, the penetration causes these tiny nerve endings to go wild.

There are Lesbian Anal Beads for women that can be inserted both into the vagina and or anus for double penetration. This experience should be shared with another female that you trust and feel good about sharing this type of sexual experience. What makes Anal Beads unique is they feel good when they are inserted and also when they are pulled out. Both men and women enjoy the anal stimulation.

Most people enjoy a fantastic orgasm when the Beads are slowly pulled out one by one. Some people prefer Vibrating Anal Beads for additional stimulation. Anal Beads are manufactured from various materials including rubber, silicone, latex and plastic. There are Huge Anal Beads to very small and are tied in a row usually from one bead to as many as ten. Some beads gradually increase in size as they move up the string. It is best to start with a string of small beads and gradually work up to the larger ones.

Many males have a hard time admitting to their female partners they are interested in experimenting with this type of sex toy but eventually admit how great it feels. Lubrication, which there are many available, should always be used when inserting your beads. Also, you should inspect your beads for any type of sharp edges or imperfections before insertion. A nail file can be used to smooth the bead out. Always store your beads in a clean container or plastic bag. Some people store them in a condom for protection.

Anal Beads