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Punishment Thigh to Wrist Restraints



Get ready to lose control with the Punishment Thigh to Wrist Restraints!

This restraint set is a perfect introduction for any couples looking to explore the intimate and exciting world of light bondage and restraint play.  Both thigh and wrist cuffs are adjustable to fit most with the Velcro straps.  Wrap the large restraint around your thigh and slip your wrist into the smaller one.  Secure them so theyb re nice and snug and cut off any excess Velcro.

Discover your hidden desires as you swap roles, taking turns as the Sub and the Dom.  Play with the sensual experience of giving up control or taking it.  These cuffs are soft and comfortable, so youb ll love wearing them for as long as your punishment lasts.

Slip on the included blindfold to heighten your other senses so every touch, kiss, and lick is that much more intense.  Add in a feather tickler or a spanker to level up your naughtiness, or let your lover explore your body with their sensual touch and curious tongue.  Youb ll soon discover that being punished isnb t all that bad. 

Itb s time to be punished by pleasure with Punishment. 

Key Features:

  • Soft Polyester Padded Restraints
  • 2 Restraints Included
  • Adjustable Velcro Straps
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Adjust and Cut Excess Velcro for a Custom Fit
  • Bonus Blindfold Included



  • Wrists: Fits Up to 5.9b Circumference
  • Thighs: Fits Up to 9.6" Circumference