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Orange Is The New Black Riding Crop and Tickler


Keep that sub in line with Orange is the New Blackb s for, orange-accented riding crop and feather tickler. At a generous 16+ inches, and with a full, perfectly tapered leatherette flogger, youb ll be able to slap one end and snuggle with the other, with a wonderfully sensual ostrich feather plume. The smooth black rod is sturdy yet flexible for dishing out swift, sharp lashes, whilst the thick faux leather crop will provide a lasting throb. And donb t forget fluffy, on the other hand. All accented in fashion-forward orange. So whether itb s pleasure or pain of all of the above, Iconb s best-selling crop and tickler is just what the master ordered!

  • Pretty orange stitching.
  • Sturdy rod for a swift swat!
  • Wonderfully soft feather plume for insatiable sensuality.
  • A full-size flogger for a great slap-sound.
Length: 16.5 in.