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Master Series Bolted Chastity Cage with Spikes


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Teach your slave a lesson with a vicious cock cage that reminds them that you can do whatever you want to that pathetic thing between their legs! Not only does this chastity device keep your plaything from achieving an erection, but it also ensures that they are in as much discomfort as you want! Decide how tight you want the device by fitting their whole package with one of the two base rings, then trap their penis with the cage, which is made of hex nuts. Secure the two together with the lock... now comes the fun part! Strategically placed within the cage are 10 screw spikes, which can be taken out and moved around according to your desires. Use the allen wrench to screw them in or out, driving the sharp tips into their flesh as far as you want. This CBT chastity device will remind your partner who the boss is.

Cage Length: 1.75 in.
Opening Diameter: 1.3 in.
Ring Inner Diameter: of 1.75 in. and 1.95 in.