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Icicles No. 89 Glass G-Spot Wand with Bendable Silicone Suction Cup


Icicle No. 89 is designed to create the ultimate experience in arousing solo sex sessions, or share it with a partner for a sublime sexual adventure!

This silky smooth g-spot glass wand is cleverly curved for sensual pelvic massages, featuring a seductively slender contour topped with a thicker, rounded tip.

The 2-inch (5.2 cm) base is perfect for grip and harness use.

A Design Truly Based on Pleasure! A powerful, removable Elite Silicone™ suction cup base holds Icicle No. 89 securely in place, to give you thrilling stimulation right where you want it.

In addition, the soft, silicone base is highly flexible, giving you the freedom of pleasure from virtually any angle.

Stick it to the floor, wall, bedpost, or almost any flat surface—you'll be amazed how it stays put during every passionate thrust! Plus, the glass and silicone are waterproof, so turn bath time into play time!