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Pdx Plus EZ Bang Torso Masturbator


The PDX Plus EZ Bang Torso has full size features in a compact design, and was designed with your comfort in mind! Featuring our EZ Bang design, the vaginal cavity and anal cavity have been raised and placed at the perfect angle for easy penetration. It gives you a perfect fit every time for maximum comfort and ultimate pleasure. And donb t forget about the realistically soft, yet firm breasts, because theyb re perfect for squeezing and banging! Made from our award-winning Fanta FleshB., the EZ Bang Torso mimics the look and feel of natural skin for incredible realism and explosive climaxes. KEY PRODUCT FEATURES b " EZ Bang Design Designed with the perfect entry angle! The vaginal & anal cavity have been raised for easy penetration! b " INTRICATE TUNNEL DESIGN Professionally designed for maximum pleasure. Each hole features a different pattern! b " HYPER REALISTIC DETAILS Professionally sculpted and hand-painted for the most realistic experience. Super fine details make it look & feel like the real thing!