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Oxballs Buzz Squeeze Vibrating Ballstretcher


BUZZSQUEEZE vibrating ballstretcher by Oxballs Flextprb" BUZZSQUEEZE triple-vibe ballstretcher is OXBALLS top-dog SQUEEZE ballstretcher, the most popular, the best fit and feel ballstretcher we offer with three vibes right on your sackb &three vibes SQUEEZE holds directly on your nutbag. 3 small but mighty vibes held tight to your bagb no ballstretcher puts this much shake on your sackb &SQUEEZE ballstretcher has the right shape to hold your nuts down low, the right thickness for the right stretch, and shaped so it squeezes more in the middle. The hourglass shape grips, its got inner rings at the top and bottom that keep BUZZSQUEEZE from sliding down a sweaty greasy sackb &this thing stays on when things start shaking. BUZZSQUEEZE comes with three vibes+ includes easy to replace batteries in silicone sheathed vibe bulletsb &the vibes are waterproof and fit inside rubbery shafts surrounding the ballstretcher. OXBALLS makes toys that function right: we put the vibe units where you will feel them the most, the buzz is in the nutsb &X3! b " Made from our best, max-stretch Flextprb" b " Same SQUEEZE ballstretcher design, with added 3xVIBE b " Hourglass shape grips most in the middle b " Inner no-slip rings keep BUZZSQUEEZE locked in place b " Puts the buzz directly on your sackb &itb