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Master Series Nipple Pump


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This all-in-one nipple pumping system even has a gauge to watch the pressure build as your nipples are simultaneously sucked! Nipple suction increases sensitivity and temporarily engorges as it draws increased circulation into the area. The sensation heightens sexual experiences both with a partner or solo. Just place the clear cylinders over your sensitive little nubs, using lube if necessary to make them airtight. Squeeze the trigger handle to initiate suction, watching your progress on the pressure gauge. The tubing includes 2 individually controlled air flow valves to customize the experience for each nipple. When you are satisfied with your swollen buds, a quick release valve allows you to quickly decrease the pressure, effectively freeing your nipples. You can even detach the cylinders after pumping and keep them on while you fool around. Experience nipple pleasure in a whole new way!

Cylinder Length: 1.71 in.
Cylinder Inner Diameter: .7 in.
Connector Tube Length: 10 in.
Each Individual Tube Length: 10.5 in.