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Main Squeeze Warming Accessory


We heard things were heating up between you. Warm up to your Main Squeeze b" even more with this proprietary warming wand created to enhance the pleasure of our popular Main Squeezeb" line of hard-case variable pressure masturbators. The Main Squeezeb" Warming Accessory conveniently plugs into any USB device or charger port to power it on, and completely heats the ULTRASKYNb" interior to 98B0F (37B0C) in just 8 minutes.

The Warming Accessory was created exclusively for use with Main Squeezeb" strokers, approximating body temperature to feel even more like the real thing and featuring a slim design that wonb t alter the shape, texture, or tightness of your product.

b " Warms ULTRASKYN Interior of Main Squeeze
b " Wand Fully Heats to 98B0F/37B0C in 8 Minutes
b " Slim Design and Safe Temperature
b " USB-Powered with LED Indicator