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Gyroball Ballstretcher

Bronze Metal

GYROBALLS ultra-stretch ballstretcher by hünkyjunk

The longest stretch SQUEEZE-STYLE bigger ballstretcher, GYROBALLS super-stretcher from hünkyjunk. 

GYROBALLS is a soft stretchy blubbery outer-hourglass-curving ballstretcher with eight super-stretch ribs for max stretch in a taller ballstretcher—the ribs keep the squeeze down so it feels like grippy tugging the length of your sack.

Based on the all-time best ballstretcher SQUEEZE, this one is a bit taller, a bit wider, for medium to larger nutsacks.  The SQUEEZE based design has more grip in the middle and less at the nut/sack openings…all with a rubbery fat lip for longer comfort.

GYROBALLS is lighter than other larger ballstretchers for longer stretch-time, BRONZE color is glossy metallic flexTPR for those golden nuggets…all other colors are our custom Plus+SILICONE mix with a lush dull velvet finish and a warm fleshy feel perfect for your sack.  Hünkyjunk makes the good gear better—we design for your pleasure.


  • Taller hourglass fit squeeze ballstretcher
  • Eight ribs keep the rubbery tug strong
  • Fat rim for nut-comfort
  • Soft-stretch for longer wear stretch
  • Plus+SILICONE matt velvet finish silicone/TPR blend
  • Metallic bronze glossy flexTPR


Width: 2”/ 5 cm

Depth: 2”/ 5 cm

Outer circumference: 6.75”/ 17 cm

Inner Circumference: 3”/ 76 mm

Product Weight: 1.8 oz/  51 g


Height: 5.5”/ 14 cm

Width: 4.5”/ 11.5 cm

Depth: 3”/ 7.5 cm

Total Weight: 2.5 oz / 71 g