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Glas Curved Glass G-Spot Stimulator


Target the G-spot with 7 satisfying inches of sleek, smooth glass. This beautiful, weighty GlC$s Curved Glass G-Spot Stimulator features a gentle curve that helps to direct it right to the G-Spot. The bulbous tip provides a deliciously filling sensation and its broad surface provides the coverage that your G-spot needs for a powerful full-body orgasm. At the other end of the glass stimulator is another bulb that allows you to grip onto it as you plunge it into the orifice of your choice. This versatile toy can also be used to reach the P-Spot during backdoor play. Glass also uniquely retains heat and cold, allowing you to explore the sensations of temperature play. Made of fracture-resistant glass, the GlC$s Curved Glass G-Spot Stimulator is also body-safe and hypoallergenic for comfortable, worry-free use. It is also safe to use with any and all lubes.