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Vaginal Pumps

Vaginal Pumps or pussy pumps are for female masturbation. A good female masturbation pump will pump up the clitoris, the vaginal labia or the entire genital portion of a woman. This is either done for sexual enhancement or to modify, make larger on a permanent basis. The person that controls the pump can go slow and can be very sensual, or fast and this might hurt a little.

It is also important for the cylinder tube to fit tight against the body so outside air does not get into the tube. You want to isolate the area that is being pumped like the clitoris. This is called clitoral pumping.

If you are labial pumping, you will need a larger cylinder, that will fit only over the lips. You should keep the labia together. You will need a larger cylinder in order to vacuum pump the entire genital region, two to three inch diameter. This pressure will make your pussy swell up and throb. This can be very exciting for you and your partner. Over pumping can cause a hickey sometimes.

Temptasia Intense Pussy Pump - Black/Red