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Ultra Thin Condoms

When you enjoy the pleasure of wearing the Ultra Thin Condom, it’s almost like the condom isn’t there and will for sure get you the closest feel of wearing nothing at all. Ultra Thin Condoms will bring the utmost feel of comfort, sensitivity and put passion at the top of the list for you and your partner.

They are extremely thin but yet very strong and durable plus the texture makes them well-fixed to your skin once you put it on. Think of it like your second skin, because not only does it protect you and your partner from unwanted pregnancies, it also protects you against sexually transmitted diseases and painful infections.

Ultra Thin Condoms are made out the highest quality and contains the ultimate in lubrication which are usually based on silicone. The thickness of the Ultra Thin Condom is an incredible 0.0020 inches. “Impressive”.

Trojan Ultra Thin Armor Spermicide Condom - 3 Pack