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Sex Toy Cleaner

All new adult sex toys should be cleaned before any use. Once you have cleaned and inspected your new toy, maintain a regular cleansing program for use every time before and after intimate use. Be careful not to get water or cleaner on any electrical parts or batteries. Read all the labels on you packaging of your new sex toys.

There are many Sex Toy Cleaners on the market for your intimate care. Before and After is one example of a fine sex toy cleaner. You want a product that is compatible with all the various materials used in vibrators, dildos, penis sleeves, butt plugs and cock rings. Read the label and purchase a sex toy cleaner that kills bacteria which almost all do.

Check out the materials that your adult sex toys are manufactured from. Silicone is the easiest to maintain. You can use soap and water and a quick rinse with your sex toy cleaner. Glass dildos, acrylic and glass the same way. Rubber and Jelly toys are porous so take more time and use anti-bacterial soap along with your Sex Toy Cleaner. Rinse extremely well to remove all the soap because soap can be an irritant to your skin. Because porous toys can retain bacteria, you may want to put a condom over your dildo or vibrator before use.

Realistic sex toys are manufactured with several trademark names which include Futurotic, NeoSkin, Soft Touch, Cyberskin, and Fauxskin. Wash these types of materials in warm water, not hot, and use a liquid anti bacterial soap and let dry thoroughly. Never use baby power or talcum powder because this can be an irritant. Many of these toys have their own renewing power included for intimate care.

Wicked Toy Cleene/Toy Love Bundle