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Ribbed Condoms

If you are interested in getting that extra something out of your intercourse sessions, you and your partner should definitely try the feel of a Ribbed Condom. Most condoms are somewhat ribbed on the outside, but Ribbed Condoms contain ridges, or ribs throughout the latex.

The Ribbed Condoms has different size ribs from large ribs to small ribs or something in between. When having intercourse using Ribbed Condoms you and your partner will feel the sensation of small tingling vibrations which most people find very stimulating and arousing. There are also Ribbed Condoms that are only ribbed at the very base of the condom to ensure a more different pleasurable “ride”.

There are assorted Ribbed Condoms that come in various sized packs containing the most popular Ribbed Condom styles. There are also Ribbed Condoms that have extra headroom for him and more ribs for her plus warming lubricants for the both of you. Maybe you and your partner like to try the unique ribbed pouch which is the latest in new shapes of enjoyment and pleasure!

Rough Rider Original Studded 3's Condoms Latex