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Remote Control Vibrators

There a variety of Remote Control Vibrators that you are able to turn your honey on from across a crowded room. You won’t believe how much fun this can be. Image your lady talking to someone at a party and you are controlling the different speeds on her vibrating panties.

Others types of remote control vibrators include vibrating butt plugs, vibrating eggs and the hands free remote control butterfly vibrators.

The concept of a remote control is no wires. Even if you are alone with your butterfly vibe, this is a great way to control the various speeds and motions on your sex toy.

The remote control butt plug is a favorite with the ladies. They love to watch their man’s face while they are controlling the butt plug vibrating his prostrate. These are all small and discreet remote toys that make great gifts for men and women.

Under Control Rechargeable Silicone Vibrating Pod with Remote Control