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Party Gag Gifts

Almost everybody enjoys laughing when exposed to Adult Gag Gifts. They will add to any party or special occasion a relaxed sense of humor. Gags and jokes relating to sex will do this with any happy group. Penis lights, hats and candles always get a good laugh. There are light up boobie hats and penis party trays. It is a must to decorate your bachelor or bachelorette party with Adult Gag Gifts and decorations. There are sexy adult gifts for bridal showers, sorority parties, girls night out, and those naughty birthday parties.

For your get down Christmas Party, put a wind up Santa and his girl friend on each table and watch them get down and dirty. Or maybe pass around the jerk off Santa. Wind him up and watch him go.

A good sense of humor will always help set the stage for a great night of sex play and sexual encounter. Walk into the room when your partner is waiting for you wearing a giant rubber penis hat that lights up and get your mate laughing their ass off. You will be off and running. Any little sex gag during your sex play will enlighten the play. Humor as always had its place in the bedroom.

Rainbow Boobie Candy Pop