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Latex Condoms

The Latex Condom is the only condom that has been proven to help reduce the spreading of sexually transmitted diseases such as all STDs, including HIV. Latex Condoms are also helpful in reducing the risk of an unwanted pregnancy.

It is important for you to carefully read up on the correct use of Latex Condoms to ensure successful results. Condom failure such as breaking, tearing or slipping off during intercourse has shown to be very rare. There have been some reports of developing allergies to Latex Condoms, but out of the 1-2 billion condoms that are being used each year in the United States, FDA has only received 44 cases of allergic reaction between October 1988 and end of 1991.

If you do have a reaction to Latex Condoms they are considered to very mild. There is tons of reading about this subject readily available and easily accessed through the Internet for more indebt information.

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