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Hot Body Wax Candles

Hot Body wax will not only be your ultimate answer to an incredible sexual experience, it could also be the answer to the ultimate soothing feeling of your aching joints in hands, and feet. Whichever reason you have to use Hot Body wax, it will guarantee you a great feeling of satisfaction at all levels. Hot Body wax is simply a heated container of a certain mixtures of specially formulated wax. The vessel will automatically melt the wax of your choice when you turn it on. It is guaranteed to keep the wax at a safe temperature, so no burning sensations will occur.

When the wax is completely melted you carefully dip your hand or foot into the perfectly temperature wax and then slowly pull out the part you a treating. Let it dry for just a moment and then you can repeat the same process five to ten times if you so choose. Now your hand or foot is coated in layers of warm wax, and it is time to place them into a plastic bag (comes with the wax) and cover with a towel or cloth mitt. Enjoy for as long as you please.

Now, be careful when you choose to pour hot wax on your partner as a sexual enticement. The trick is to drip and move the wax quickly from one spot to another at a safe level of about 3 ft (1m) away from the skin which will then control the temperature when it hits the intended target. This ritual is supposed to have a very slight and short sensation of pain which should result in your partner’s intense sexual stimulation.

Master Series Fever Hot Wax Candle - Black